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       Because this is Kali yuga, the age of ignorance,  you were  most likely conditioned, mind controlled and coerced
by  well meaning or evil parents, when you were young.

            Between the ages of 4 and 8, they would have led you to believe an absolute load of crap, about death and dying, spirituality, religion, science, geology, grave robbing archaeology, medicine, diet and every other subject you could think of asking them about.   Nobody knows,

            not the pope,

            not the dalai lama,


            They were just fed a different load of crap when they were young.

           So, unless you have taken lots of mind expanding
psychedelic drugs or  been touched by an "angel", you
probably have not been able to  extricate yourself from that
early mind controlling conditioning.

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1.  Due to the purposeful destruction of the ancient scrolls
and   the library at Alexandria, Egypt,  by order of Julius
Caesar in   48 B.C., present day humans are prevented from
knowing  the metaphysical nature of life here on Earth.

2.  From sweetly quaint and metaphorical "Adam and Eve", through the first chapter of the bible, "Genesis", we have at least a million and a half years.

3.   200 males, white, aryan, taller than the brown skinned
        humans already here on Earth, crashlanded in a space
        craft, after being "banned" to Earth by a "lord" who
        possessed more power and maleficence than they.
                    "Book of Enoch"

4.  The first thing the boys did was jump ship and have sex
        with every native they could find
              Gen. 6:6 "and the sons of god
                               took the daughters of men for wives."
         Why were they called "sons of god"?
          Because they came from the "sky" (heavens).

5.   These were indeed the "technological aryans" who have
         crossbred and raised HELL on Earth ever since.

6.   Antarctica  (Neuschwabenland) is the location of an
        ancient  underground  aryan  base. In 1947, Admiral
Byrd   was sent to Antarctica with a flotilla of ships, troops
and   planes, to talk with the contingent of aryans.

7.   The three pyramids at Giza were definitely NOT built
        5000 years ago. They were built at least 500,000 years ago and claimed by every bunch of tribesmen and potentates that lived near them. Irksome is the continuation of falsity around the pyramids, There are absolutely no glyphs or other notations of any sort about their fabrication, etc. The "red" paint markings made on lintels above the misnamed king chamber attributed to "quarry workers" is a forgery put there by the the British, namely one Col. Richard Howard-Vyse in 1838 during their pillage. The chamber with the sarcophagus was never used for burial but for "rebirth". The age old masonic ritual being performed to this day on the rulers of planet Earth in a wooden coffin in the basement closeted room in a building near Yale University where the past fop ruler Bush and his supposed foppish opponent Kerry were both "reborn" and admitted into the secret Skull and Bones Society. The small basement room is quite a letdown compared to the Great Pyramid. There is no freedom from ignorance during this age. It runs rampant. The rulers came here 1.8 million years ago and have been called lucifer and his cohorts after many languages and name changes. We are living in the age of ignorance "kali-yuga" wherein people think science is good.
              It is better to know nothing than to believe lies.

8. ...



AIDS is germ warfare

AIDS is Germ Warfare



1947 BYRD-Antarctic, "Operation Highjump"
1955 LOOK Magazine article Canadian Saucers
1939 Antarctic Snowcruiser

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